The mission of the International Institute of Business is to create values for individuals, companies and society through:

  • Practical, complex education, aimed at the managerial and organizational development;
  • Applied researches in the field of management;
  • Incorporation of the world’s best managerial practices in the Ukrainian business;
  • Proactive, client-oriented methods of education

IIB’s Values

  • We believe that striving to effectiveness is the main driving force of the market economy.
  • We strive to increase the level of effectiveness of the Ukrainian economy through the incorporation of the world’s best managerial experiences into business practice.
  • We guarantee the quality of our programs, offering the production decisions for our clients.
  • We aspire to be effective in everything that we do.


  • We cultivate the environment of honesty, trust and cooperation and follow high ethical standards.
  • We believe that honesty is a cornerstone in achieving the true professional and individual success.


  • We offer competency and professionalism. We strive to gradually incorporate the world’s professional standards in the Ukrainian business.
  • We realize that a high-quality business education has to adjust to changes in global business processes in cultural and technological respect.
  • We remain flexible in delivering and including the substantial changes in the business environment into the study process and everyday professional growth.


  • We offer the integrated portfolio of products in order to offer the effective solutions for our clients.
  • We create a unique atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support in order to guarantee the achievement of success for both parties. We use the entire potential of cooperation in our activities and products portfolio.


  • We are responsible for the quality and effectiveness of our programs.
  • We follow the socially responsible approach as a cornerstone of democracy, market economy and productive economic development.


  • We strongly believe that effectiveness and competitiveness in the modern world depend on the ability to implement innovations. The rapidly changing environment creates a need for constant innovative changes in management.
  • We incorporate innovation into our products, following the world’s best practices and conducting our own research.


International Institute of Business (International Centre for Privatization, Investment and Management, ICPIM) is founded in accordance with the Decree of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers as a non-profit, independent training and educational institution by Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration office the President and Central European University Foundation. The goal was to establish a Ukrainian educational institution which would facilitate economic reform in Ukraine through provision of educational services in the field of business management. Dr. Henryk Sterniczuk, International Programmes Director of the University of New Brunswick was the first President of IIB.

Since its foundation IIB has trained more than 45000 qualified professionals: managers, securities brokers/dealers, investment managers, custodians/registrars, property and business appraisers, actuaries, insolvency managers, and others.

IIB becomes a higher educational institution according to Ukrainian legislation offering its innovative post-graduate (second higher education degree with a government-regulated diploma of ’specialist’ level) Ukrainian Program of Business Administration (UPBA) with majors in Marketing and Finance. Since its opening, more than 500 students of 9 cohorts have graduated from IIB. In 2006 64 students of 11th cohort of UPBA students started their course of study.


International Institute of Business is the Business School № 1

International Institute of Business took part in a survey, provided by EDUNIVERSAL and was recognized as Business School № 1 for credibility in the market of business education in Ukraine and international influence. The purpose of the survey is to provide objective information about international influence of universities with different levels of international ambitions and influence, which allows choosing the best opportunities for students in each of 9 geographical zones.


IIB launched a program General MBA Carousel model. Confirmation of AMBA accreditation (Association of MBAs, London, UK) of all MBA programs.


The team of highly-qualified and experienced professors with different background consists of famous Ukrainian and foreign specialists, possessing of extensive teaching, research and consulting experiences and creates a unique learning environment to ensure the professional and individual growth of program participants.

Programs taught in:
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

This school also offers:


International Institute of Business, Business School (IIB)

The mission of Executive MBA program is to promote sustainable development of growing businesses through a systematic approach to business management, based on the concep ... [+]

The target audience of executive MBA consists of experienced leaders, who attempt to enlarge the sphere of their business possibilities, including:

business owners; CEO and top-managers.

Start: 20.11.19

Program format: 5-day modules, once a month, from Wednesday to Sunday.Program duration: 21 months.Program language: Russian, Ukrainian.

Total cost of the Executive MBA program in 2019 - 489 900 UAH.

Early Bird Registration pricing is:

449 900 UAH till 10.06.2019

469 900 UAH till 10.10.2019

As a result of the study of the Executive MBA program, you will acquire:

Strategic thinking and ability to make the correct decisions, based on the principle “Think globally, act locally”. Ability to effectively deal with the challenges of the business environment. Knowledge of hundreds of nuances and methods for the successful development of the company. Professional interaction at the level of business and friendly contacts with the top level management of Ukrainian and foreign companies. ... [-]
Ukraine Kyiv
November 2019
21 months
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International Institute of Business, Business School (IIB)

The program of General MBA in the International Institute of Business is a program for the young leaders and the managers, involved in the sphere of decision making in di ... [+]

The program of General MBA in the International Institute of Business is a program for the young leaders and the managers, involved in the sphere of decision making in different branches and functional spheres both in the important national and international companies and in the companies of the small and mid-sized business.

The modules, offered to the students, are directed toward the formation of the system of practical knowledge and skills, which are necessary for understanding of the trends of development of domestic and international business, solving of the vital problems of company and increasing the effectiveness in the fulfillment of administrative functions in conditions of high turbulence of business environment.... [-]

Ukraine Kyiv
Request Info
18 months
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International Institute of Business, Business School (IIB)

International MBA is a dual degree program with the unique value proposition in Ukraine. It is implemented by Ukrainian Business School “International Institute of Busine ... [+]

For whom:

Managers of С-level and owners of companies doing business both in Ukraine and abroad.

Delivery mode:

Learning module (face-to-face): 5 days (once a month – from Wednesday to Sunday, 9:30 – 16:45).

During intermodular time: online classes and homework.

Program Duration:

Start – 20, November 2019

Completion – December 2021

Documents on completion of the program:

Executive MBA Diploma issued by Business School «International Institute of Business»

Diplomurkunde (Management Center Innsbruck)

Certificate from Association of MBAs

Tuition fee:

The full cost of the International МВА program is 13900 EURO + 124 000 UAH.... [-]

Ukraine Kyiv
November 2019
Russian,Ukrainian,English (US)
25 months
Online & Campus Combined
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International Institute of Business, Business School (IIB)