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Pebble Hills University

Pebble Hills University is a truly international and career-focused university which offers online Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs mainly for adult learners. Classroom-based programs are also available through our network of partners worldwide.

A Truly International University

Pebble Hills University is a team of dedicated professionals, academicians, and intellectuals who are meticulous in their fields and have worked obstinately to make PHU a truly transnational university.

Distance Learning and Global Classrooms

Pebble Hills University has combined the features of both open, virtual and boots camp by setting up successful partnerships with respectable educational organizations in Asia and Africa that have difficulty with communicating with the centers of research and development in the developed countries.

Besides, it is one of the leading universities in the world to offer very useful programs to the students and professionals. The University believes in providing quality education by using the latest technology with high academic standards. We have excellent team members to support the students in order to provide the best education in the world. Across the world, we have the educational partners and our recognition across the world prove that we are the leader in the field of education.

Learning Experience in PHU

You will be experiencing various ways of distance education with Pebble Hills University which suit your needs, for example, Asynchronous Delivery, Synchronous Delivery, Interactive eLearning Technology with audio, Credit for Testing and other eLearning/Distance Learning offered by our strategic partners.

Global network

Pebble Hills University has learning centers or agents in the heart of some of the world’s most influential markets for different programs:

  • Hong Kong – Business, Management, Psychology, Coaching, Engineering programs

  • India – TESOL, TEFL, Educational Administration, Early Education, Pre-Primary and Primary Education

  • The UK and the Middle East – Healthcare Management, International Supply Chain, and Management

At PHU, you will be able to explore the opportunity of obtaining an affordable, accredited and recognized degree through PHU based on our partnership with different universities accredited by different accrediting agencies.

Prior Learning Assessment

PHU accept credits transfer generously and we offer plenty of online courses mainly in Business, Management, Finance, Social Sciences, Information Technology and Project Management. Affordability is also our main concern. Our online courses are affordable to make sure most people can be benefited from getting an education. We award credit for your life/work experience and also professional development courses. Scholarship and flexible installment options are available to make sure you would not hesitate to study due to your financial concerns


Global students & alumni

Our graduates work at outstanding local companies and MNCs such as HSBC, Prudential, Holiday Inn, Sun Life Financial, Allied American University, Schlumberger, Pfizer, Hotwire Insurance, SITA, KG Group, Manulife Financial, Philip Life Assurance Public Company limited, G4S Cash Solution, American University of Beirut., etc.

Way Forward

In order to deal with the competitive market, working adults are keen to study. You must try to inculcate the skills of selection and maintenance of aim in life. While devoting your energies in pursuit of academic excellence, considerable efforts should be made to spiritual development. Since, in the times of stress, this would provide you the much-needed inner strength to carry on with your mission. The best study mode for working adults would be distance learning, which is practical for them to balance their work, family, and study.

Global business is expanding, that’s why you need a global institution with a radical outlook towards education. Due to an education system based on real-world values, the knowledge gained can be incorporated easily & more practically in the relevant field.


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