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At the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University, we are driven by a single goal: to transform today’s students into tomorrow’s business leaders. As a School of Business student, you will gain the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to compete successfully in today’s global marketplace. Our programs offer a unique set of experiences designed to drive success in a range of corporate, non-profit and public sectors.

Analytical Perspective

You will engage with a world-class faculty of thought leaders and industry professionals, who will help you acquire the analytical thinking, strategic communication and leadership skills that are the foundation of lasting professional success. Our rigorous MBA program will propel your current career to the next level or shift gears and explore new directions. We offer the flexibility you need, with a curriculum that develops your talent and skills - while accommodating your work schedule.

Engaged with the Whole World of Business

Your comprehensive education won’t end in the classroom. You’ll be able to put business theory into practice – and gain marketable experience with potential employers – from hands-on co-op and internship programs. Through regularly scheduled lectures and programs, you will engage and connect with noted business leaders and entrepreneurs, corporate friends and partners, and a network of actively engaged alumni who will open doors for you throughout your career. Our alumni are leaders in their fields and are an invaluable resource for you throughout your professional life. Access to this network of dynamic. dedicated alumni is a vital part of the business school experience.

An Agile Mindset

What makes a business leader? We think it’s the ability to adapt and respond to the challenges of an evolving business environment. Our Career Services Center will help you identify and explore best-fit career options, connect with internship programs or land a full-time job in your chosen field. When you join our diverse community of agile, resourceful students, you will develop the mindset and skills you need for a lifetime of personal and professional success.


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