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Executive Education at Purdue University offers programs to fit individual goals and company needs.

  • Working professionals earn an Executive MBA to prepare for immediate and long-term career advancement goals.
  • Industry professionals develop management skills in as little as one week in our open-enrollment professional development programs.
  • Companies benefit from our custom programs, designed to meet the unique needs of their organization.

Whatever your personal or company goals, explore how a Purdue Executive Education program can help you reach and exceed them!

Why Purdue

Tomorrow’s business leaders will be those who speak the language of innovation—who know how to analyze data, develop and statistically justify creative business solutions, and even take new technologies to market. If you envision yourself as one of these leaders, Purdue University is where you want to be. Alive inside a world-renowned, research-based university with a long history of leadership in science and engineering, Purdue offers a more analytical, problem-solving brand of business education and a more pragmatic, get-the-job-done approach to academics. Unlike anywhere else, at Purdue, you’ll learn how to learn—how to inquire, research and think in new ways. All the while, you’ll be immersed in a collaborative, work-ethic culture that imparts the soft skills of leadership—how to develop and communicate a vision, and diplomatically influence others to actualize it. This is why Purdue. This is where global business leaders begin. Take a broader look at the Purdue experience.

The Purdue Brand of Business

“Houston, we have a problem...” Inspired by one of the most suspenseful events in American history, this iconic catchphrase has become a verbal ‘Bat-signal’ for sharp minds that can adapt and respond quickly to a think-fast situation. It’s also a perfect snapshot of why business students at Purdue University graduate with a compelling advantage. Regarded as one of the nation’s elite business schools, Purdue operates a top-ranked engineering school, producing 23 Apollo and other NASA astronauts - far more than any other university. Operating against this backdrop of Purdue’s strength in science and technology, we uniquely approach business learning from a research-based, quantitative angle that develops students’ analytical skills and, naturally, produces graduates with the resourceful, think-fast problem-solving abilities every modern-day commercial enterprise demands.

An Innovation Ecosystem

Step outside of theory and actually get down to business. Within arm’s reach of every Purdue classroom are a dynamic idea factory—a real-world, practical R&D and business-startup ‘ecosystem’—that offers an unparalleled learning experience. Happening right on campus, this higher-education/private-enterprise ‘merger’ is where investors, manufacturing partners, entrepreneurs, researchers, professors, alumni and students just like you are continuously turning the gears of industrial evolution. By association, Purdue students have access to incredible needs-based opportunities where they receive hands-on experience commercializing, and optimizing in real operational settings, the very latest technologies.

Incredibly Savvy Career Services

Life’s most important lessons are rarely found in a book. For that matter, when the return on your education investment comes down to the job you ultimately land, they aren’t found in a “hands-on” lab either. They are found in the richness of human networking and the priceless utility of professional social-skill development that are value-add hallmarks of Purdue University. As a student at Purdue, unlike anywhere else, you’ll be able to leverage a dynamic array of career resources and opportunities that range from leadership coursework and one-on-one coaching to an alumni network unsurpassed in industry diversity and a full slate of high-energy career fairs—including the largest collegiate fair in the country.

Approachable 'Human' Resources

Higher learning should be down to Earth. That’s why, as a complement to its more analytical, researched-based business curriculum, Purdue University operates with an M.O. that is deeply appreciative of the more organic, less formulaic human qualities of education. From the moment you hear a live voice when you first engage with Purdue, you’ll appreciate all that makes you feel welcome and genuinely supported throughout your academic pursuits. Looking back, virtually every graduate can point to a personal engagement at Purdue as a turning point in his or her journey—one of the invaluable student mentor programs, the emphasis on faculty accessibility, the cohort learning model, the tireless career-service coaching, or the amazing global exposure experience, with Purdue consistently ranking high in on-campus diversity and study-abroad opportunities.

Small School, Enormous Network

It’s not the size of the fish in the pond. It’s how tight the ‘school’ is. When other business colleges, right or wrong, promote a more individualistic, competitive, status-driven student vibe, Purdue is unapologetically team oriented. Yes, Purdue is a Big Ten university and offers all the related “big-pond” advantages that come with it, including access to a global and highly engaged alumni network that dramatically enhances learning and career opportunities. But, by comparison to its peers, Krannert School of Management is proportionately smaller in scale—maintaining a student-professed family feel, a more mutually encouraging atmosphere of competition, and a highly collaborative classroom model that is reflective of the way today’s successful business enterprises operate and solve problems. So, big fish on campus? Perhaps. But very few at Krannert put much stock in that. Instead, they’re more inclined to succeed together.

It's Business as Unusual

Because the successful brand always has a differential advantage. Whether talking about a company, a product, a university or a student, the successful brand has a personality. A depth. A motivation. A purpose. At Purdue University, every facet, every nuance of the total education experience is designed, built and intended to add texture to your growth as a student and, more importantly, your future as a professional.

Purdue Is Growth Factor for Game Changers

As of 2018:

  • #1 destination of international students in STEM disciplines (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
  • #5 among public universities in the Wall Street Journal's ranking of 500 U.S. colleges
  • #11 among public universities (U.S. News & World Report)