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Partnerships & Accreditations

The Institute of Political Studies of Tunis develops projects of prestigious partnerships in collaboration with international institutions and organizations including the International Association of Political Sciences, the European Association for the Defense of Human Rights, the Association International of Sociology and the French Association of Political Science. Conferences, meetings, exchanges, and interventions of professors and experts are organized at the school in partnership with the institutions, schools and universities partners of the Institute of political studies of Tunis. The programs of the Institute of Political Studies are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Tunisia, but also by EABHES, European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools, allowing European and international recognition. EABHES is an accreditation body which enables the implementation of the European recommendations on higher education resulting from the Bologna Declaration of 19 June 1999 and which complies with the procedures and regulations defined by its Board of Directors.

The mobility of students abroad:

International openness is assured by a mobility that offers our students the opportunity to spend a semester or a year abroad, at Science Po in France and at partner schools and universities in the world. The European context of the university allows the student to evolve in an international environment, allowing him to open up to the world and discover other cultures through programs developed in collaboration with our partners and training Conforming to the standards and standards of the European grandes écoles. Each year, the European University of Tunis welcomes students of different nationalities, which allows the student to evolve also in a multicultural context.

Multidisciplinary programs and innovative pedagogy

Multidisciplinary training:

The teaching developed at the Institute of Political Studies of Tunis is linked to a mode of elite formation which encompasses the new economic and geopolitical stakes of the moment. Education is fostered by a quest for excellence, culture and a multidisciplinary approach in social science law that combines political science with economics, management, and information-communication.

A professional program:

The responsible professionals participate in the teaching in the form of lectures and tutorials, they supervise the students during their internships and recruit them at the end of their training.

Research and pedagogical innovation:

Alongside the Institute of Political Studies of Tunis, the research center of the European University of Tunis offers a space for reflection and work for research professors, students and professionals whose aim is to contribute to the new Economic, political and social issues in Tunisia and internationally. The international institutions and associations of the Tunisian Institute of Political Studies are actively involved in research and constitute an important element of development. Civil society, NGOs, foundations, and associations also contribute to the various programs of the Institute of Political Studies in Tunis.

The Elite, Think Tank of Sciences Po Tunis:

"Elite" is a laboratory of ideas emanating from the Institute of Political Studies of the European University of Tunis Group (first Institute of Political Studies in Tunisia), in collaboration with the International Political Science Network, "International Political Science Association "and first-class academic cooperation. Following the success of the international conference "Thinking the Tunisian Revolution", organized by the Institute of Political Studies of the European University of Tunis, on 14 January 2017, the Think Tank "elite" was announced to ensure continuity Research and follow up the work of the themes of the colloquium with the help of students, professors and researchers from the Institute of Political Studies of Tunis, as well as professionals and civil society not only to think revolution Tunisia, but also to think about the future of Tunisia. "The elite" is interested in the political, social and economic issues of the revolution and examines issues related to the process of democratic transition in its national and international dimensions and from an internal and comparative perspective, Through the organization of workshops and reflection workshops aimed at improving the approach and action in public policy; An important lever for the political, social and economic development in Tunisia.

A quality environment

With a modern and pleasant campus, the European University is located on the outskirts of Carthage on the shores of Lake Tunis, in the new activity area of Khair-Eddine, close to sidi BouSaid, Salammbô and historical sites From Carthage and 15 minutes from Tunis Carthage airport. The campus of the European University of Tunis includes classrooms equipped with a video projector and interactive tables, fiber optic internet connection, conference rooms, a classical library, a large computer lab, a cyber café, Infirmary and student spaces inside and outside the building.

Services :

  • Training and Coaching Office
  • International Student Assistance Office
  • Intranet Students
  • Virtual Library
  • Student Club and Alumni
  • Sports center partner near the University

Associative life :

The student club offers the opportunity to get involved in student life and in various fields: reception of international students; Conferences; International environment; junior business; Cultural visit; Music; photography; sport.

Conferences and Projects:

In order to develop the spirit of analysis and leadership, the schools of the European University of Tunis regularly organize conferences and academic workshops. Entrepreneurial projects are also organized within the European University of Tunis and internationally in collaboration with European schools partners of the university.



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