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The Ateneo Graduate School of Business aims to be a leading management educational institution in the Asia-Pacific region, for the business practitioner seeking to become a professional and ethical business leader committed to nation-building.

The institution offers programs to uphold a tradition of service and a high standard of academic excellence, to help business practitioners reach their full potential and growth: the Standard MBA program, the Middle Managers MBA program, the accelerated Ateneo-Regis MBA program, the specialized Health MBA program, and the Masters in Entrepreneurship.

The Cebu campus was one of these offsite locations. It opened in 2001 in the CCI Building in Pier 3. In 2006, the school transferred to its current campus in Cebu Business Park.

The professors from Rockwell travelled to Cebu every few weeks to teach the classes there. The Cebu campus initially offered only the Ateneo-Regis program. Rockwell decided to offer only one program to the test the MBA market in Cebu. They gave the site one year to prove that there was real potential to hold a permanent offsite campus in the city. The campus started with just two subjects offered per term and 20 initial students. Today, the Regis Program offers three subjects per term. And on average, there are 25 students or more in each class.

In 2002, the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education started to offer short courses in various work disciplines in Cebu. In 2008, the Standard MBA was included in the programs offered as well.

The first batch of Ateneo MBA students graduated in 2004. To date, there have been 78 Alumni from the Cebu site.

Our Vision

To be a leading management educational institution in the Asia-Pacific region for the business practitioner seeking to become a professional and ethical business leader committed to nation-building.

Our Mission

As a Jesuit institution whose identity and purpose is derived from a tradition of service and a standard of academic excellence, we are committed to:

  • Developing and nurturing workplace-based business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who are guided by principles, imbued with a sense of service and equipped with effective management skills. We believe that expertise without integrity is empty, integrity without expertise is ineffectual, and expertise and integrity without service is irrelevant.
  • Providing relevant and globally-oriented programs, using facilitative learning methodologies that integrate technical, technological, political, and ethical dimensions, and producing intellectual contributions in support of developing the discipline, practice, and teaching of business and management. We believe that intellectual rigor and strength of character form the essential foundation for business professionals.
  • Enhancing the personal and professional growth of our faculty and staff. We believe that success in fulfilling our mission is decided by the dedication of the members of our organization.
  • Drawing on the expertise of our faculty, the different units of the University, and of our strategic partners as we address the challenges of technology and competition in the domestic and global settings. We believe that in harnessing the resources of our various stakeholders in an interactive and integrated manner we remain effective and relevant in the changing times.

As we pursue these commitments, we strive to bridge the gaps in our communities and in our country so that our people may achieve just and good lives.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Ateneo Graduate School of Business! Although students have many different motivations for pursuing graduate studies in business, I imagine most of our students come to us out of a desire to develop their potential to the fullest of their ability; a desire to unleash their capabilities so that they can achieve better performance for their organizations, whether as managers or as entrepreneurs.In your desire to create a better future for yourselves, I hope that you will not forget your responsibility to include others in your plans. I hope that somewhere in your dream to “build a better tomorrow”, you remember to make tomorrow not just better for yourselves, but for the people and the communities around you, as well. Our gifts and talents were not given to us to be used solely for our own benefit but to be shared with others so that everyone can benefit.Here at AGSB, we passionately believe that your education is incomplete if it focuses only on technical training, and ignores formation. We cannot just help you to gain the skills to run your organization better; we need to help you to grow as a total person.

Our core beliefs are perfectly encapsulated in this excerpt from our vision statement.

  • Expertise without integrity is empty.
  • Integrity without expertise is ineffectual.
  • Expertise and integrity without service are irrelevant.

We hope that all of our students and graduates will take this to heart. It is my deepest pleasure to welcome you to the AGSB community!

RODOLFO P. ANG - Dean, Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Awards and Distinctions

  1. B-School Leadership Award for Excellence in Education, Leadership, and Teaching
    • Given by World Education Congress at Mumbai, India on June 29, 2012
  2. Best Business Schools Award for Innovation Leadership
    • Given by the CMO Asia at Suntec Convention Center in Singapore on July 22, 2011
  3. No. 1 MBA School
    • Given by the Commission on Higher Education – Funds Assistance for Private Educations (CHED-FAPE)
  4. Center for Development and Excellence (for six years)
    • This was given by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Philippines
  5. People Power People Award
    • Given to AGSB for its excellent mission on “Doctors to the Barrios” on SY 2002-2003
  6. Thomas R. Kennedy Award for Mission Excellence
    • Given by New Ventures of Regis University as recognition for outstanding and continuous growth in the development of accelerated and adult learning programs.
  7. Autonomous Status (Oct. 27, 2003 – Oct. 26, 2008)
    • Given by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on November 28, 2003
  8. Inter-MBA Games Overall Champion for 14 straight years
    • 1999-2012
Programs taught in:
  • English (US)

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Ateneo Graduate School of Business - Cebu City Campus

An accelerated executive program that uses a facilitated learning mode to prepare workplace-based, experience-driven professionals to take on the challenges of today’s ra ... [+]


The Ateneo-Regis MBA Program is a non-thesis program designed for senior managers and executives whose corporate responsibilities limit their time for pursuing graduate degrees and are thus compelled to complete the program as quickly as possible through accelerated methods.

Ateneo’s Graduate School of Business has long utilized a facilitated learning approach to workplace-based education, while Regis University has over time mastered the use of an accelerated mode of adult learning. Under a Program Development and License Agreement signed between the two institutions in 1997, a groundbreaking Ateneo-Regis MBA program was developed that used an accelerated facilitated learning mode to deliver a high-quality, high-impact executive MBA to workplace-based, experience-driven professionals who are prepared to take greater responsibility for their own learning and are ready and able to use their workplaces as their learning laboratory.... [-]

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