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University of Miskolc

University of Miskolc

University of Miskolc


The Campus of Traditions, Knowledge and Community Spirit

Located in a relaxed ambiance

A unique campus in a beautiful natural environment, up-to-date laboratories, lecture halls, workshops, dormitories, and facilities for sport, culture, and entertainment – this is the University of Miskolc.

Founded in 1735, as an institute of training specialists for mining and metallurgy serving as a model to many polytechnic institutes in the world, the University of Miskolc has always occupied a significant position in the cultivation of sciences, in professional education and training. During the last few decades of the 20th century, the Institution developed into a fully-fledged colorful university with the traditional three technical faculties (Earth Sciences, Materials Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Informatics) and the new faculties of Economy, Law, Arts and Humanities, Health Care and Music, also courses of continuing education, or higher-level vocational training. The University has approximately 10.000 students and close to 600 academic staff assisted by an approximately equal number of technical and administrative employees.

Most buildings of the University can be found in Egyetemváros (‘University Town’), a unique and spacious campus, which was built in the fashion of the American campus model and is surrounded by a large park. The University Town – with its 850.000 square meters territory – is a part of the city of Miskolc. Bartók Béla Music Institute, which was integrated into the university in 1997, can be found in the Palace of Music downtown.

The University has cooperation agreements with over 150 foreign universities, along with 160 bilateral agreements in the ERASMUS mobility program. The University of Miskolc is the first Hungarian institution that won the ’Higher Education Quality Award’ in 2008.

The long historical traditions are combined with novel directions in research and education. The high quality of education at the University of Miskolc is demonstrated not only by the number of professional awards received but also by the increasing interest from foreign and Hungarian students to choose the University of Miskolc for pursuing studies at the highest academic level. Our graduates are demanded by a wide scale of potential employers.

Miskolc is a city situated in North-East Hungary and has been mostly known for its industry. It is also the seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County and the scientific and cultural center of the North Hungarian Region.

From Miskolc, the famous Tokaj wine region is within easy reach and nice excursions can be taken to the nearby mountains and lakes, or to historical towns including Eger, Sárospatak, and the beautiful Szilvásvárad.

The University of Miskolc welcomes purposeful and motivated students who aim to be qualified in a traditional yet modern and fresh academic environment.


Application Step by Step

  1. Choose your program and read the program description to learn more about the fees and admission requirements. Before application, transfer the Application Fee to the bank account of the University of Miskolc. Note: the application fee is non-refundable and the whole amount of 150 euros must arrive in the bank account of the University of Miskolc. Bank transfer costs must be paid by the applicant. The start of all our study programs is September - however, you can also choose the February start if you want to study Petroleum Engineering or Master of Business Administration.
  2. Click on Apply Now, fill out the Application Form and upload the Necessary Documents.
  3. Submit your application before the deadline.
  4. Within three working days, an Official Notification from the administrative assistant will inform you that your application has been received and evaluated. At the same time, your application is sent to the Faculty.
  5. In case of eligibility, you will be invited to take an oral Entrance Examination via Skype / Zoom within two weeks after the Faculty receives your application. Professional knowledge and command of English are tested by the examination board of the given Faculty.
  6. One week after a successful entrance examination, the administrative assistant will issue a Conditional Letter of Admission for you with the notification for tuition fee payment. Note: the tuition fee is refundable only in case of visa refusal. The tuition fee must be paid in one amount on the bank account of the University of Miskolc. Bank transfer costs must be paid by the applicant.
  7. As soon as the tuition fee (for the first semester) is credited by the financial department of the University of Miskolc (it may take 1-3 weeks), you will receive a Final Letter of Admission that is essential for visa application.

Visa Requirements

To enter Hungary, you have to apply for a Hungarian VISA in your home country. When applying for a VISA you need several documents, including the FINAL LETTER OF ADMISSION, issued by the University of Miskolc and sent to you by email. It confirms that you are accepted to study as a full-time student at the University of Miskolc as well as states that you are accommodated at UNI-Hotel of the University of Miskolc (on the campus).

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    H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, , Miskolc