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Lakewood College


Since 1998, we have been setting new standards of excellence in education.

Today we are a respected, worldwide leader in self-guided distance learning. We have combined our resources to bring you the finest, most comprehensive instruction in the most flexible way possible. Lakewood University offers a broader array of study options. More career-focused instruction. Greater accessibility. Closer student support. More affordable tuition with payment options. Overall, you can look forward to a first-class educational experience that meets your highest expectations.

Lakewood University is a fitting tribute to educating the minds of busy people like you. It is also a tribute to the hundreds of students who have entrusted us with the means of realizing a better life. May Lakewood University help you reach higher goals, study smarter, and advance faster than ever. Here’s to your new life!


  • Cleveland Heights

    North Taylor Road,2231, 44112, Cleveland Heights