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About Exeed College

Exeed College, envisioned in 2016, is a prestigious enterprise of Westford Education Group providing top-rated online/part-time academic programmes. A world-class education management provider based in the UAE, Exeed College facilitates Doctorate programmes in business administration and education, specialised MBA programmes, master’s programmes in education, and various teacher qualification programmes through its extensive presence in the GCC, African, Asian, South East and European countries. The exceptional educational programmes offered by leading international universities and awarding organisations enable the learners to reinvent themselves and excel in their domains of expertise.

To offer world-class degrees, Exeed College has struck the right chord with top-ranked global universities committed to offering exceptional student experience, high-quality teaching, ground-breaking research and extensive collaboration with top-notch organizations.

Universidad Católica de Murcia, Spain, City University, Malaysia, Woolf, Malta, Plymouth Marjon University in the UK, and Acacia University in the US are the major universities partnered with Exeed College.

A strong advocate of bridging the gap in delivering quality education to the masses through digitalization, Exeed leveraged the power of technology and has created a digital ecosystem through the integration of a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment (VLE) platform, including a robust Learning Management System (LMS) capable of delivering synchronous and asynchronous teaching. Using the most modern pedagogical tools, fully stacked courseware, and online library ensure seamless delivery of world-class academic degrees and professional programs to discerning learners across the globe.

A facilitator of world-class executive education, teacher training and qualifications, Exeed College has distinguished international faculty educated in renowned universities with decades of experience in industry and academia.

Exeed College champions inclusion, equality and diversity and prides itself in its rich and varied demography of learners from almost 50-plus nationalities and 10-plus industry sectors.


Our mission is to deliver globally reputed and accredited master’s degree programmes in business and management domains and teacher training qualifications to empower the 21st-century working professionals with expansive knowledge to meet their academic needs and transferable skills. A solid platform for working professionals to acquire knowledge, gain deep insights and master workplace application of such learnings; we contribute to building great organisations, sustainable communities and thereby a progressive nation upholding ethics and integrity.


Exeed College envisages to be among the foremost global providers of recognized and accredited higher education, executive education and continuing education to working professionals and practitioners in order to equip, enrich and empower them to become experts and leaders in their domains of practise.


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    Suite 704, City Gate Tower, AL Ittihad Road, 515000, Sharjah

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            Exeed School of Business and Finance, Al Nahda, , Dubai

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                Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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                  Malaysia Online, Malaysia