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International pilot, innovative thinking

Author: Chen Minghui School of Management Dean

School of Management was founded in 2005, uphold the school "health", "caring", "innovation", "excellent" Four educational philosophy, to become preeminent private university School of Management. Our goal is to inspire teachers and students to strive for excellence in innovation, research and teaching services, training ethics in a rapidly changing environment, professional skills and lifelong learning. To promote administrative efficiency School of Management, the Court has administrative team, a long team, international industry-academia Consultative Committee and the Executive. Court reversed emphasis on innovation and education, the establishment of "Case Teaching and Development Center", held each semester teaching seminars and flip case; currently teaching community more than a dozen doors from the independent team of teachers, teaching regular monthly to share ideas, diligence and skill. To implement the three-lead system (class teacher, mentor teacher Mandolin, career mentors), the Court established all grades convener and community mentors, tutors through the monthly exchange and sharing, implementation of student counseling and consultative. Court set up a "cross-cutting art and science management process" across the School of Management, School of Design, Museum of Modern Art, as students across domains diverse cultural literacy. In addition, for the implementation of student creativity and entrepreneurial training force, the Court actively planning maker culture space. School of Management is committed to internationalization, in English teaching, recommended annual number of teachers sent to the University of Queensland study CLIL teaching English, and English teaching community continue to promote the establishment of English teaching and sophisticated. In the double-degree level, the Court of Switzerland BHMS University and the University of IFE Mongolia for many years; the Court in the international student exchange, international volunteers and international practice, every year a considerable number of students Jie, countries including: Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Britain, France, the United States, Japan, China, Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Romania. Studies show School of Management, the past year has published more than 90 papers in international journals, Science and Technology was awarded $ 17 million grant program, more college students to guide students MOST thematic program more than 1.5 million yuan of subsidy. In terms of industry-university, hospital and actively cooperate with industry, industry-university cooperative performance of the school year has been 65 104, the amount of up to $ 42 million. School of Management actively with international practice, an annual forum organized by the Nobel master, has invited fifteen Nobel laureate in economics lecture to the school. In addition, students and teachers held to expand the horizons and vision, School of Management senior management seminars, with more cooperation on the silver Technology in Education Foundation, set up "HIWIN Distinguished Lecture president" outstanding entrepreneurs invited to share successful entrepreneurship and business management, division students enthusiastic response.


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