About the USA

Located between Mexico and Canada, the United States of America is known around the globe for its political and military power. The country is the "Land of the Free" and is known for its democratic government and strong economy. Today, the United States is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the globe, due largely to the influence of immigration throughout its history. It is also diverse in its geography, encompassing everything from the frozen lands of northern Alaska to the tropical islands of Hawaii. This diversity has given the country abundant natural resources, which have fueled its strong economy.

Business Studies in the United States

Business studies in the United States take place in colleges and universities throughout the country. While most major towns have a college of some sort, the main universities and colleges tend to be located near major urban centers. People come from across the nation to study business in the United States because of its strong economy and highly successful business professionals who are known across the globe for their business sense. A Masters in Business Administration from a U.S. university is recognized throughout the world. The academic year in America is made up of two semesters. Students study for a fall semester, which runs from September until December, and then a spring semester, which runs from January until May. Many colleges also have a summer term, which is a shorter term with more focused studies for a portion of the summer months. Tuition fees vary wildly from one school to the next. Many students use scholarships and grants to lower this cost. Earning an MBA from a university in the United States of America will open the door to a career in business in the U.S. and many countries throughout the world. Most universities gladly accept international students who have an undergraduate business degree that is equivalent to a bachelor's degree. Most programs have stringent acceptance requirements, but those who can be accepted will receive a quality education from a university that is recognized for its excellence in education.