Modern enterprise management

Nowadays, the key resources for enterprises are knowledge and talent of its workers. Thanks to them, organizations generate ideas to enable their development in a dynamically changing market environment.

Modern management offers new outlooks on company’s operations in which all employees, regardless of position, can be innovators.

INE PAN’s "Master of Business Administration" program is the answer to all of the key problems of the modern management, ranging from the soft aspects, such as leadership, organizational culture, communication, employees recruitment and motivation through consumer behavior, marketing, new media, financial management and enterprise risk , and ending with the best practices of strategic management and managing large organizations in crisis.

Why study at INE PAN?

    INE PAN’s "MBA" is one of the best MBA programs in Poland.
    Polish Academy of Sciences is one of the most renowned scientific institutions in Poland.
    INE PAN’s "MBA" is an opportunity to establish promising business contacts with interesting people.

The "Master of Business Administration" program is offered at INE PAN since 2008. The program is directed to ambitious and curious people, who are looking for inspiration and are not afraid of challenges, who want to stand out and be one step ahead of the competition.

The first semester of the program is built according to best practices and covers the main thematic blocks that are core in leading MBA programs around the world, each subject content reflects the current state of knowledge and is transmitted in an attractive manner to students, with an emphasis on teamwork and in the interaction between students and professors.

In the second semester, we offer more specialized and advanced subjects, led by eminent experts, allowing a deeper insight into the nature of market developments and organizations change, and face particular problems and challenges faced by today's organizations in an increasingly competitive and dynamically changing environment. We place emphasis on explaining the forces and mechanisms behind the observed phenomena or processes within enterprises and their environment, considering such approach as a basis for decision-making in today's dynamic world.

The main objectives of the program are:

  • To deepen and broaden the knowledge of management,
  • To teach the use of modern management, marketing, accounting, and finance analytical tools,
  • To prepare for the organization and environment analysis,
  • To develop practical management skills in the different forms of relationships with the environment,
  • To learn conflict resolution, internal communication, lead negotiation, change initiation.

Join our group of students!

First Classes: October 2016.
Recruitment: up to 30.09.2016.
Place of the course: Palace of Culture and Science,
Total number of hours: 1578 hours + 114 (elective)
Points ETCS: 60 (total)

Classes Organization:

Master of Business Administration in English, lasts for two semesters, part-time. It consists of two modules (meetings) per semester. Each module runs from 11.00 on Wednesdays to 12.30 on Sundays (plus elective classes). Each subject usually takes 8 hours.

The language of instruction of the postgraduate studies in English.

Program taught in:
  • English
This course is Online & Campus Combined
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5,300 EUR
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