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Officially known as the Italian Republic, Italy lies in the southern most part of Europe and borders Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and France. Sardinia and Sicily are two Mediterranean Islands considered part of the Italian Republic. Italy is home to two sovereign states--the Vatican City and San Marino, which are politically known as "enclaves" within the country of Italy. One of the world's most economically developed countries, Italy is also a major tourist attraction among other European countries and enjoys the prosperity made possible by this type of industry. In addition to the fascinating city of Rome, Italy also attracts millions of visitors each year by providing access to such historically significant sites as the ruins of Pompeii, the Coliseum in Rome, the leaning Tower of Pisa and the Catacombs of San Callisto.

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Earning a Business Degree in Italy As a member of the European Union, Italy has an higher education system that follows the standards of all EU schools and includes the Bologna Process framework. Primarily consisting of state-run and public universities, Italy's tertiary education system also offers post-secondary schools for students desiring a vocational rather than academic education. After earning a Master's degree in Italy, students may enroll in a Grandes ecoles, or "Superior Graduate School" that awards recognized international and national titles such as the Diploma di Perfezionamento (doctorate) or the Doctor Philosophiae (Ph.D). Employment opportunities for holders of postdoctorate business degrees typically involve working for a university as a researcher or instructor. Bachelor degree programs focusing on business and finance typically culminate with students completing a capstone course that involves researching business concepts and principles learned in previous courses and integrating them into a case-study research project. Length of Programs and Tuition Fees Tuition fees vary among universities. Depending on a student's financial status, tuition fees may be waived or scholarship can be granted. A Bachelor in Business can take about three or four years to complete. The more desirable Master of Business Administration (MBA)requires an additional year or two of coursework before the degree is awarded. Why Study for a Business Degree in Italy? As a member of the EU, Italy presents many viable employment opportunities for business majors earning degrees in International Business, Business Administration and European economics. In addition, the flourishing tourist industry offers lucrative entrepreneurial possibilities for business majors seeking to start their own company.

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