Top Part time 1-year MBAs in Warsaw, Poland 2019/2020

If you want to climb the corporate ladder and gain a managerial position, an MBA is for you. This program gives you the knowledge and skills to gain versatility, in terms of understanding, of a range of functional, business areas. Plus the ability to use tools and analysis, to contribute to strategic planning, and decision-making.

Warsaw the capital and the largest city of Poland is believed to be a major tourist attraction, economic hub and educational center. The city is loaded with natural beauty and is an ideal educational hub for nature lovers. It also has institutions that offer degrees in varied areas of higher education.

Part time 1-year MBA in Warsaw in Poland

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MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis

Institute of Computer Science - Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN)
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The Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences(IPI PAN)offers the MBA program taught with support from its Partner, the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University (USA). This is a prestigious and rewarding postgraduate program for managers and those who inspire to become business leaders as well as people working in public administration and non-governmental organizations. The format of the MBA program allows for working and studying simultaneously.

MBA – Marketing and Supply Chain Management

WSPiA Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies
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You know what you truly want: to complete a respectable and rewarding MBA program, to learn new skills and competencies, to gain in-depth knowledge of subjects what fascinate you, and to further your professional career.

Master of Business Administration

Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
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INE PAN’s "Master of Business Administration" program is the answer to all of the key problems of the modern management, ranging from the soft aspects, such as leadership, organizational culture, communication, employees recruitment and motivation through consumer behavior, marketing, new media, financial management and enterprise risk , and ending with the best practices of strategic management and managing large organizations in crisis.